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No more long waiting time at the clinic

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Access care in the comfort and privacy of your own home. 


Feeling too ill to travel and struggling to leave the house


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Video consultation/teleconsultation is not a very complicated thing to do. All you need is a smartphone, or a computer that has a camera and speaker. 


Wonder if you are eligible for a teleconsultation? Will my consultation be recorded?  How shall I pick up my medication?

A list of FAQ is built to clear out your doubts


Concern about the safety traveling to the clinic and the long waiting time?  you have a kid to take care and that is the reason you cannot come to see a doctor?  Video consultation might be your solution

Video Consultation

To provide a more convenient way to our existing patients, Asia Medical Specialists has extended its medical service by providing an online consultation channel. Teleconsultation with our specialists via video call or telephone can now be done from the comfort of your home or office, without the hassle to travel. 

This initiative is designed to serve our patients at this difficult time. Video consultation in Hong Kong is not designed to replace the standard face-to-face consultation.  This teleconsultation service is being setup to provide extra support during the outbreak of the COVID-19.


We currently offering the teleconsultation to the following type of patients:

Patients are not in need of emergency care.

Patients will need to be further accessed whether his/her condition is suitable for teleconsultation.

Patients are located in Hong Kong at the time of the services.

Patients under 18 years old, an accompanying adult (Parents, guardian, next of kin) must be present with him/her during the consultation

During consultation, the patient must be located at home or at a safe indoor environment.

Nevertheless, the doctors will have to conduct a pre-assessment to determine whether the patient is suitable for a teleconsultation.

Advantage and disadvantage of video consultation

We would strongly advise patients to understand the pro and cons of a video consultation before making a decision


Skipping Queue in the clinics

No longer will people have to wait at the clinic for seeing the doctor, patients can press a button and go back to what they are currently doing and come back at the scheduled time to see the doctor.


People might feel too ill to travel or have problem to reach the doctor. Video consultation provides an alternative way to patient to stay at home or a safe place to consult a practitioner.

prevent spread of diseases

When a crowd of patients gather in a confined area, the chances of getting caught of another disease rise. Video consultation will help to lower the risk of spreading the diseases.

caregiver problem

Many of us have the responsibility for taking care of children or elderly. Sometime finding time to see a doctor seems impossible and we don’t feel comfortable to bring them along to the clinic. With video consultation at place, we can simply stay at home and consult a doctor while having an eye over the kids and elderly.

Teleconsultation also has its limitation. Sometimes it may not suit every person or under certain situation, teleconsultation has potential disadvantages over traditional care methods.


insurance coverage

Not all insures cover teleconsultation or telemedicine. Please check with your insurance whether teleconsultation is covered before you decide to conduct a teleconsultaiton.

Potential security issue

Since most of the video consultation are conducted via internet, there is always a risk of internet security where patient data might be vulnerable against hackers and malware attack.

care delay

This is especially critical when a person actually is in need of emergency care. While accessing teleconsultation might delay treatment, particularly since the doctor is not physically present and cannot provide life saving care.

diagnostic challenges

Certain types of diagnostic assessments are not able to performed over video consultation – you can’t listen to a patient’s chest or feel their pulse. This posts a challenge to provide a whole rounded assessment.

Always consult your doctor to see whether a video consultation is suitable for your condition.